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Xu Hướng 10/2023 # The Ancient House Of Binh Thuy Can Tho – A Famous Tourist Destination Of Tay Do # Top 18 Xem Nhiều

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Binh Thuy ancient house address

Binh Thuy ancient house is located about 10km from Can Tho city center. This famous house is located at 144 Bui Huu Nghia street, Binh Thuy ward, Binh Thuy district, Can Tho.

The way to the old house area is quite easy to go, just cross Binh Thuy bridge, turn left to the market and run straight to arrive. If you are from another area coming and completely “blind of the road”, do not hesitate to ask locals here to know the way to the ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho.

Entrance fees and opening hours

Overview of Binh Thuy Can Tho ancient house.

The ticket price to visit inside the old house is 15 thousand VND / person. If tourists just stand on the campus outside to enjoy or take pictures, it is completely free.

Two opening hours in Binh Thuy ancient house are: morning from 8:00 to 12:00 and afternoon from 14:00 to 18:00.

The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho is associated with mysterious anecdotes

Beautiful architecture in harmony with surrounding plants create beauty for the whole house.

Rach Binh Thuy in ancient Can Tho was chosen by many wealthy families as a place to build a business and settle down, including the Duong family, specifically Mr. Duong Van Vi (of the 3rd generation). decide to choose the location to build the house. Up to now, this family has gone through 6 generations.

The house of the family in Binh Thuy was first built by Mr. Duong Van Vi with wooden materials and tiled roofs in 1870 for the purpose of ancestor worship. Over 30 years of color coating, the house has been redesigned and rebuilt.

Not only attracting many tourists to visit, Binh Thuy Can Tho ancient house is also a favorite photo spot for many young people because of its vintage atmosphere.

After his death, Duong Van Vi’s youngest son, Duong Chan Ky – also a wealthy landowner, continued this important work from 1904 to about 1911. The famous architectural work, after being completed, has a unique shape that brings both the ancient and solemn features of the East, while demonstrating the generosity and Western elegance. Can Tho people often call it Binh Thuy ancient house because this is a rare remaining old house model that is quite intact in Binh Thuy.

Tourists who travel to Can Tho and visit the old house are often told about an anecdote associated with the house-building contract between owner Duong Chan Ky and teacher Ba Nghia (who designed and renovated the house). later: Master Ba Nghia is also known to people around the area as Mr. Lu Ban because he built a very beautiful house. All year round this talented builder spends a pair of short black pants, a red scarf on his head. Wherever he went to do anything, he only brought two indomitable objects, an ink crack and an ax, to hew round iron pillars to build houses.

The unique architecture of the ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho

The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho has hundreds of beautiful pictures. When signing a contract to rebuild the ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho with the Duong family, Mr. Duong Chan Ky made a condition with Mr. Ba Nghia that the house must not only be beautiful, but also make the owner rich. However, according to the old beliefs, if the house is completed, the owner becomes richer, the poorer the master worker is. Therefore, the homeowner and the house builder have made a covenant with each other, when the house is built later, but he always maintains his wealth and prosperity, each month the builder of the old house is always provided with money and rice every month. to the end of chúng tôi Thuy ancient house is decorated in the typical architectural style of the Southern people.

Different from other old houses in the southwestern tourist provinces , all bearing the resonance of Western architecture because most of them were built at the time of transition, the old house of Binh Thuy brings the intersection of the two platforms. East – West culture has a bit of the French style of ancient villa architecture.

Binh Thuy orchid garden and precious antiques

The architecture inside the building has a combination of Western and Eastern construction styles. The house is designed in the way of five compartments with surrounding fences and iron gates with decorative motifs in the style of a European mansion. On the rooftop and gable, a series of decorative motifs are made of goldfish, unicorns or flowers, and beautiful cement chúng tôi iron entrance is decorated with a French mansion motif. Unique and strong impression, capturing all the eyes of visitors when first coming here are 4 arched stairways connecting from the courtyard to the main house with a series of windows, always ensuring ventilation. and bring light to the chúng tôi windows of the ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho have European style combined with Asian culture The more you visit and observe, the more you realize that the owner is extremely interested in the law of symmetry when decorating the details because this is evident on each of the iron wooden pillars to the way the room is decorated. furniture. Besides, all the floor tiles of the ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho were transported directly from chúng tôi ancient ceiling of Binh Thuy Can Tho is decorated with different motifs. In addition to details with Western influences, other areas of the house show clear oriental architecture, most notably the old church altar still maintained by the owner of the Asian spirit to preserve. traditional culture. In addition, visitors to the old house can ask the owner to explain more about the layout as well as the implications of each detail or the arrangement of items of the chúng tôi floor tiles are shipped directly from France.

The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho is not only famous for its unique architecture but also widely known to visitors from far away by the garden of Binh Thuy orchid and rich antiques of great value located right in the house. neck.

Since ancient times, the Duong family has been very famous for its antiques while in the pavilions still preserving and preserving a series of precious antiques collected through the descendants such as furniture from Yunnan. (China), French satin set from Louis dynasty, cup cup from Ming – Qing dynasty, ..

The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho owns a valuable antique warehouse.

This orchid garden and precious antiques are even more plentiful when Mr. Duong Van Ngon, the fifth descendant of the house, collected and preserved more. With the passion for playing, enjoying flowers and cacti of all kinds, he has found countless rare orchid varieties from all over the country and abroad. From just inviting friends and relatives to enjoy flowers, until today this place has become a meeting place for those who share the love of flowers, ornamental plants, especially orchids. The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho is famous near and far, partly because it owns many kinds of beautiful orchids, precious ornamental plants, especially Mexican Kim cactus that is over 40 years old.

Films of many famous movies

The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho has architectural, historical and cultural value of a period of many events, so it has been recognized as a “national level artistic monument”. Especially, this place not only attracts more and more visitors, but is also borrowed by many film crews who travel far away as a setting for their films.

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Từ khoá: The ancient house of Binh Thuy Can Tho – a famous tourist destination of Tay Do

Mua Cave – The Most Beautiful Viewpoint Of Ninh Binh

If you visit Ninh Binh, you will see impressive limestone mountains. And although you can see this very well with a boat trip in Trang An or Tam Coc, it is best to see this from the Mua Cave viewpoint.

How to get there?

The Mua Cave (or Hang Mua) is 5 km from Ninh Binh, right next to Tam Coc. Traveling around in this region is very simple, because you can easily rent a bike or a scooter at one of the dozens of rental shops and hotels in the city. It is about a 20 minute ride on a scooter from the city to the Mua Cave and just over half an hour by bike. From Tam Coc it is just 5 minutes.

When you arrive by bicycle or motorbike drive all the way to the end for parking, on the way you will see other people trying to point you to their private parking spot. When you arrive at Hang Mua there is a ticket office next to the parking lot and you have to pay 100,000 dong ($ 4) entrance.

The cave

As the name suggests you can visit a cave at the Mua Cave, but this is actually not the reason to come here. If you want to enter the cave, take a left at the stairs that go up the mountain. For spectacular caves there are better destinations in Vietnam such as Phong Nha and you can also see more beautiful caves during a boat trip through nearby Trang An. The main reason to visit Mua Cave is the fantastic Viewpoint on top of the mountain. So go straight up the stairs and climb to the top for your reward.

The stairs

Follow the path all the way to the end and you will reach the foot of Mua Cave mountain. You can go left to the Mua cave or you continue to follow the path up the mountain to the viewpoint. The walk up takes only about 15 minutes, depending on how fit you are. There are 500 steps in total.

Viewpoint of Mua Cave

When you take the way up left to the top, you come to the first incredible viewpoint with a spectacular view of the Ngo Dong river below that makes its way around the towering mountains in the valley.

Walk a little further until you reach the top of the Hang Mua Cave, to the second lookout point. The locals call this place “dragon mountain”, you can see a graceful dragon standing here that is built of stone scattered on the ridge at the top. There is also a statue under a sheltered pagoda that is surrounded by incense and food.

If you have taking the stairs to the right at the junction you get to another viewpoint, with great views over the rice fields.

The second look out point, when you take the stairs to the right.

Best time to visit Mua Cave

The best time to visit Mua Cave is around 6:00 AM in the early morning before the crowds strike or you can visit in the late afternoon as it is a great location to watch the sunset over the valley.

Just like the rest in North Vietnam, the months of May to October are hot with a lot of rain. Tropical storms sometimes occur in the region around September. November to April are cooler and dry. The rice fields are the most beautiful during the rainy season; October is harvest season. If you have time, skip going there on misty, foggy or rainy weather; the stairs will be wet and visibility poor.

Visiting information Mua Cave Other things to do in the area of Mua Cave

Around Mua Cave you can find many of the other best things to do in Ninh Binh. The most famous spot is of course the Tam Coc boat tour, where you can enjoy a boat ride over the river, with stunning rice fields or both of your sides. You even row through some caves.

Not too far from here you will find the Bich Dong pagoda. Here you can take stunning photos on the bridge at the entrance of the pagoda, including a liliepond in frond of it.

If you are a nature lover, you can visit Thung Nham Bird Garden. This is a great place to walk around and there are options to do a boat trip. Here you can spot some rare birds.

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Từ khoá: Mua Cave – The most beautiful viewpoint of Ninh Binh

A Tale Of Tay Ho Temple (Phu Tay Ho) In Hanoi

About 4 km away from the center of Hanoi, Tay Ho Temple (also known as Phu Tay Ho in Vietnamese) is considered one of the most sacred places in Hanoi.  Nowadays, restoration work has given Tay Ho Temple a modern air that contrasts to the ancient banyan tree nearby.

Not only local people but the majority of tourists from many regions of Vietnam come here to offer incense and worship for good luck and peace. The temple is also attractive for its gigantic banyan trees plus with the peaceful view across West Lake’s eastern shore. Let’s explore this well-known place!

I. History of Tay Ho Temple

Built in the 17th century, Tay Ho Temple belongs to Tay Ho village, formerly an ancient village of Thang Long citadel, now in Quang An ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi. It is located in Nghi Tam village, protruding in the middle of West Lake, about 4km in the west of the capital city.

Tay Ho Temple worships Lieu Hanh Goddess (Mother Lieu Hanh or Mother of the Nation). Lieu Hanh is one of the four immortals of Vietnam. Mother Lieu Hanh is Quynh Hoa, a princess of heaven, who was banished to earth due to breaking a precious glass. On earth, she traveled, explored many places, then stopped at Tay Ho Island, discovered this charming place. After that, she opened a small stall for her literary fun in the middle of the mysterious nature.

She had a great merit to help people from many places settle down, eliminate ghosts, punish corrupt officials.

In accordance with legend, Tay Ho Temple was the second meeting place of Lieu Hanh and scholar Phung Khac Khoan (known as “Trang Bung”). As the predestined predestination, Poinsettia Phung Khac Khoan went on a boat trip on the lake, contemplated the beautiful scenery, and then met Princess Lieu Hanh. Together they wrote the poem “Tay Ho Ngu Quan” (West Lake Senses) which still exists today.

No one knows how long Princess Lieu Hanh was there, only know that when Phung Khac Khoan returned to look for her, he could not find her. To relieve the nostalgia, he set up a temple for her. That is the thrilling origin of Tay Ho Temple.

II. Structure and Architecture of Tay Ho Temple

The architecture of Tay Ho Temple, including the gates, is in three-dimensional style. The main altar has the largest area in Tay Ho temple complex.

Source: @nganbemakeup

The front has a 2-storey three-door gate. There is a distich “Tay Ho Hien Tich” in the middle roof, which was meticulously decorated. Four middle doors were carved respectively with the symbols of four seasons (“tu quy”), four noble animals (“tu linh”), and longevity peach shape. Crossing the three- side gate is the Fang pavilion “phuong dinh” with 2 eaves and 8 tiers. The front house for worshipping was built close to the “phuong dinh”. Son Trang Shrine (mountain manor) was established adjacent to the hall, with 3 stories and 8 curved gradual eave tiers.

Inside, the floor was slightly elevated to worship Guanyin whilst the rest are splitted into 3 compartments expressing 3 caves.

Outside, on the yard of the temple, there are two small shrines worshipping Co (young maiden) and Cau (young boys).

Tay Ho temple is full of relics with panels and frescoes at doors, votive tablet, royal seat and altar, all of them are in the style of the 19th century.

The most notable items of Tay Ho temple are three statues of goddesses placed side by side. Thuong Ngan Mother is the one in green clothes symbolizing the forest, Thuy Mother is in white clothes, symbolizing water; Dia Mother is in yellow clothes, symbolizing the soil. These three samples constitute Three Kingdoms, explaining the evolution of Vietnamese people, from forests, mountains, and rivers to the plains.

Also according to the concept of the Three Kingdoms, the government of Thuong Ngan has the blessing of human welfare, the governor of Dia has a place to remove the sins of human beings, the government of Thuy has the customs to remove all obstacles and difficulty for humans. With the power of mystical blessing, amnesty, and strong relief, Three Kingdoms’ religion appeals to so many people.

III. Activities in Tay Ho Temple 1. Pray for Fortune and Enjoy the Scenery

Tay Ho Temple is a famous place for people to pray for fortune, luck and peace for themselves and their family. It is not only a tourist attraction in Hanoi but also a place of religions for Hanoians.

Along with praying for fortune, every year, a large number of tourists flocking to Tay Ho Temple also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surroundings and West Lake nearby.

If you have a chance to visit Tay Ho temple, don’t just come straight into the temple. The small alleyway leading to the gate is lined with colorful vendors and stalls selling snacks such as Banh tom, which is prawns cooked on a thick batter base before freshly refrying. There are also cakes, fruit, sweets, and paraphernalia related to making offerings at the temple, such as incense and money.

You will also see some elderly men writing prayers for people to burn to send to the gods.

2. Join Tay Ho Temple Festival

Tay Ho temple festival is celebrated from the 3rd to the 7th of the third lunar month. It is dedicated to the Holy Mother Princess Lieu Hanh. This is an event featuring procession, incense offering and van singing. On the 6th day and 7th day of the third lunar month, there writing pose contest, and musical instrument playing and singing, chau van singing at Pho Linh Pagoda (Tay Ho Hamlet).

IV. How to Get to Tay Ho Temple

If you are planning a trip to Hanoi, do not forget to enlist Tay Ho Temple in your travel plan. This is both a relic and sacred monument complex and a beautiful attraction of the capital.

V. Extra Tips

Do not wear short skirts, shorts,…

Do not let children run around, mischief the sacrifices, touch the statues …

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Từ khoá: A Tale of Tay Ho Temple (Phu Tay Ho) in Hanoi

Discover The Most Famous Tourist Destinations In Bac Lieu

As a coastal province in the Mekong Delta, Bac Lieu is located on the Ca Mau peninsula at the southernmost tip of our country. Coming to Bac Lieu, visitors will be immersed in the romantic natural landscape, unique dishes and special traditional cultures. In this article, let’s check-in the most attractive tourist destinations in Bac Lieu!

Nha Mat – Bac Lieu tourist site

This Bac Lieu tourist site belongs to Nha Mat hamlet, Nha Mat ward, Bac Lieu town. Currently, it is being built with an area of ​​98.5 hectares. In the near future, this place will become a marine eco-tourism area combined with pilgrimage festival tourism with a system of restaurants, hotels and diverse entertainment and entertainment areas.

Location: Nha Mat Ward, Bac Lieu City

Quan De Temple

Nha Mat is a tourist destination in Bac Lieu that many people love.

The Chinese in Bac Lieu consider Quan De Pagoda as a cultural symbol of their people. The pagoda was built in 1835, by the owner of Chau Quai salt bowl to campaign for contributions. Inside the temple, there are still quite a few large panels. Some are carved by Chinese artisans from 1865 to 1897. In addition, Quan De pagoda also has a valuable letter.

Location: located along Bac Lieu river, in Vinh Trach commune, city. Bac Lieu.

Phuoc Duc Co Temple

Quan De Pagoda is like a cultural symbol of the Vietnamese people.

This is the oldest temple of the Chinese living in Bac Lieu, it was built by a group of Chinese around 1810, the main altar is to worship Ong Bon – A god is considered to have openly reclaimed land and supporting everyone to have a chance to establish a career to have a peaceful life. Coming to this Bac Lieu tourist destination , you will see firsthand the special architecture of the ancient Chinese structure.

Location: Phuoc Duc relic ancient temple is located at 74 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 3, Bac Lieu Town.

Ngoc Lien Vihara

Phuoc Duc Co Mieu has a unique architecture of ancient Chinese people.

During its 50-year presence, the monastery underwent two renovations in 1973 and 2002, with its traditional octagonal architecture. The main hall was expanded but still had a serene appearance, amidst the tranquil leisurely scene, the flower beds, carefully cared grass beds, the humble leafy wooden ambulances nestled under the ruins. tree, creating a harmonious space imbued with meditation

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Bac Lieu Bird Park

Tourist site Ngoc Lien Vihara is many people love.

Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Bac Lieu of the Mekong Delta. Bird sanctuaries always create surprising surprises for visitors to visit. Just entering the bird sanctuary, visitors can immediately see the bustling scene of a natural bird sanctuary.

Siamese Temple

Natural bird sanctuary with a variety of birds.

Although not the oldest temple, it can be said that Siam Can Temple is one of the largest, most beautiful and splendid Khmer temples in the Khmer system in the South. For that reason, it always creates an unforgettable impression in the hearts of visitors every time they visit.

Ancient longan garden

Siamese Pagoda is one of the largest Khmer temples listed in the list.

About 6km from the center of Bac Lieu town to the south, Bac Lieu longan garden is lush green longan greens stretching over 10km through Hiep Thanh and Vinh Trach Dong communes with an area of ​​up to 230ha.

The nature generously endowed Bac Lieu with fertile coastal mounds, which became a good land for the two varieties of authentic Su-bic and Tu-huu from China to take root and last for a hundred years, with trees Large canopy, difficult to penetrate the sunlight to the base of the label, creating ideal places to rest and eat.

Location: The ancient longan garden is located in Hiep Thanh and Vinh Trach Dong communes, Bac Lieu city

Dasher’s house in Bac Lieu

The ancient longan garden in Bac Lieu has a large tree canopy, shady.

Bac Lieu land – a rich tourist destination in Bac Lieu, produces proud and self-sufficient Bac Lieu people. It is here that the human anecdotes about “Prince of Bac Lieu-Tran Trinh Huy” have been formed. In the past, when referring to Bac Lieu land, people immediately thought of “Prince of Bac Lieu” with fields of storks flying straight.

Today, when coming to this land, we not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also see firsthand the house of “Prince Bac Lieu” a beautiful and quite luxurious house.

Location: The House of Duchess Bac Lieu is located at No. 3, Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 3, City. Bac Lieu

Phuoc Buu Pagoda and Vinh Hung Ancient Tower

Dasher Bac Lieu’s house at Dien Bien Phu street, Bac Lieu province.

In front of the pagoda, there is Vinh Hung ancient tower. According to the Vietnamese Non-Water Book, Vinh Hung Tower is the only ancient architectural relic of the Southern Khmer preserved in the Mekong Delta. Archaeologists have discovered many artifacts in the tower area, especially the Sanskrit inscription inscribing the month of Karhila in 814, corresponding to the year 892 AD and the name of King Yacovan-Man, the ninth century.

Location: Vinh Hung ancient tower belongs to Trung Hung 1 hamlet, Vinh Hung commune, Vinh Loi district, Bac Lieu. To visit Vinh Hung ancient temple, tourists move along Highway 1 A, direction Bac Lieu to Ca Mau.

Vinh Hung Tower is the only ancient architectural relic of the Khmer in the South.

Above are the entertainment places in Bac Lieu that you can visit when traveling to the West . In addition to the wonderful beautiful landscapes, visitors visiting this place can also enjoy new and unique dishes bearing the cuisine of the Southwestern region. Wish you have enjoyable trips with friends and relatives!

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Từ khoá: Discover the most famous tourist destinations in Bac Lieu

Hoi An Ancient House – An Ideal Destination For Tourists Not To Be Missed

In Hoi An, there are houses that are hundreds of years old. Therefore, when you come here, you will learn more about the ancient beauty of this old town. Every corner of Hoi An is a place for you to explore and check in. Therefore, traveling to Hoi An will help you have the opportunity to learn a lot of the beauty of this land.

Here, filled with the streets are pictures of old houses with wooden designs, usually one-story or three-story houses with long tube-shaped houses. This is really what makes visitors feel impressed. With the typical climate of this place, these houses are always durable. Here are some ancient Hoi An houses for you to explore.

Hoi An Ancient House of Tan Ky is a favorite destination for many tourists.

This is one of the ancient houses honored as a National Heritage site that needs to be preserved and preserved. With the age of over 200 years old, Tan Ky old house is the oldest old house in Hoi An.

Tan Ky always attracts tourists by its unique and attractive architecture.

Then you will find that this place contains a lot of ancient cultural beauty of his father. Especially, the architectural beauty from the ancient times up to now, still cannot explain why the old people were able to create such beautiful and delicate works of art?

Tan Ky’s ancient house is always a favorite destination for many domestic and international tourists. Its ancient beauty has made Hoi An ancient town become more and more crowded and crowded. The number of tourists coming here is more and more crowded. In particular, the old house of Tan Ky is full of tourists every day. So this is the ideal tourist destination Hoi An for you to experience and explore. 

This place brings a peaceful life with the most simple things.

Tan Ky ancient house was the residence of 7 Le family. From the 2nd generation, this old house was named Tan Ky to facilitate business and trade. This Hoi An ancient house has a very favorable location. On the one hand, it is adjacent to Bach Dang street, so it is very convenient for importing and exporting goods. The front side is on Nguyen Thai Hoc street. This place is used to open a shop because the location is very suitable for business.

Tan Ky is always a destination that brings a lot of interesting things for you.

This house is made of wood as the main material. Besides, additional bricks originated from Bat Trang and other rocks are also used. Thanks to these materials, the space of Tan Ky ancient house is always cool and comfortable in summer and winter is extremely warm.

This old house to this day still retains many mementos from the past, such as a monumental sentence with bold old cultural beauty of his father.

This place has a very simple beauty and the living space is always very close.

The next Hoi An ancient house that you definitely have to arrange time to visit is the old Quan Thang house. This is an ancient house that is considered the most beautiful in Hoi An. This house is more than 150 years old, second only to Tan Ky’s old house.

Currently, Quan Thang always retains the original status quo with a very unique architecture. The interior is beautifully decorated. Coming here to explore, you will partly learn more about the lives of generations who have been here before.

This place was built in the ancient architecture so it is very beautiful and close.

The interior space of this ancient Hoi An house is the living room design and on one side is the place of ancestor worship. Here also preserves many valuable mementos such as worshiping objects, diaphragm, sentences …

Phung Hung Old House is a place to keep many different architectural styles.

Phung Hung is an old house located on Minh Khai Street in Hoi An city. This place was built over 100 years ago. Therefore, to this day, the ancient house of Phung Hung is considered as an invaluable heritage of Hoi An.

With a very unique construction structure and a wooden upper deck, the architectural style of this old house has bold Asian beauty. The name Hung Thinh stems from the first owner of this house following the business of trading. He wished that this house would always bring prosperity to his family, so he named it Phung Hung.

If the doors and balconies were made by the ancient Chinese, the roof has a bold architectural style of the ancient Japanese. The space before, during and after the house was built according to the culture of the Vietnamese people.

Hopefully, if you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Hoi An, come and visit and explore the famous Hoi An ancient houses above. Because these are places that keep a lot of cultural and artistic values ​​of the ancient Vietnamese.

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Từ khoá: Hoi An Ancient House – an ideal destination for tourists not to be missed

The Field Of Purple Flowers Is As Sweet As The Fairyland On The “Roof Of Yen Bai”

The Northern mountainous region always knows how to captivate tourists with the most memorable “specialties” which are flowers. From plum flowers, and peach blossoms in Moc Chau, to mustard flowers, and buckwheat triangles in Ha Giang… each land brings a different beautiful color to nature.

In particular, there is a flower that is less known and more difficult to conquer, but equally poetic and attractive, it is the flower of chi pau on Ta Chi Nhu mountain.

The bushes of chi pau flowers brighten up a mountainside on Ta Chi Nhu.(Photo: rightangthang)

Compared to the “roof of Yen Bai“, Ta Chi Nhu with an altitude of 2979m above sea level, ranks 7th in the top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam. This place has long been the familiar coordinate of the souls who are passionate about climbing and hunting clouds. In recent years, it has been increasingly sought after by the poetic beauty of the purple flowers of the chi pau flower.

A beautiful scene of purple blooms all over the hill.(Photo: Manh Chien)

Chi pau flower, in H’mong language, means “don’t know”. This unique name seems to originate from its original mystery, no one knows where this purple flower comes from and what the name is. It is only known that at the end of autumn, from September to October, November every year, all over the hills and mountains in Ta Chi Nhu, the purple color of this wildflower blooms again.

The end of autumn is the time when visitors start the journey to conquer Ta Chi Nhu, “hunting” the flower chi pau.(Photo: Kim)

The flowers form tiny clusters that are not as dark as lavender, but subtle and pure white. The array of flowers bloomed on the mountain slopes, sometimes sparkling in the sunlight like a fairy garden in heaven, sometimes dimly under the misty clouds, enchanting like in a dream.

The goats loomed in the flower field. (Photo: Tuyen DV)

The beautiful picture of nature is more vivid with the appearance of horses.(Photo: Manh Chien)

As many people often say, the more beautiful something is, the more elusive it is, and so is this fairyland-like beauty. Before touching the delicate petals and dropping their souls in the purple fields in Ta Chi Nhu, visitors need to conquer a complex mountainous terrain, including many steep slopes and harsh climate of the Hoang Gia range. Lien Son.

The journey to conquer Ta Chi Nhu to see the flowers is not simple but worth it.(Photo: Nguyen Trong Cung)

Therefore, if you want to have memorable moments with the flower field in Ta Chi Nhu, visitors need to prepare a good physical as well as the spirit of not giving up.

Responding to the perseverance and efforts to overcome steep hills and abysses, standing in front of the open scenery, the sky is high, at the feet is a carpet of beautiful flowers, the journey to conquer Ta Chi Nhi is like a temple respond satisfactorily. The peaceful and poetic space without the city’s smoke and dust makes the sorrows seem to have washed away with the drops of sweat falling here.

Beautiful pictures shimmer in the field of chi you flowers. (Photo: Kim)

The experience of climbing Ta Chi Nhu becomes more impressive on the late autumn days when the flowers bloom.(Photo: Kim)

“Hunting” the flower on the top of Ta Chi Nhu is not only to save beautiful photos but also a journey of intellectual challenge, a very meaningful experience for a memorable youth.

Photo: Internet

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Từ khoá: The field of purple flowers is as sweet as the fairyland on the “roof of Yen Bai”

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