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Xu Hướng 10/2023 # Festivals In Bac Ninh That You Should Not Miss # Top 11 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Festivals In Bac Ninh That You Should Not Miss được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 10 năm 2023 trên website Yvju.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Synthesis of festivals in Bac Ninh  The Lim 

During the festivals in Bac Ninh , Hoi Lim is probably one of the most popular traditional cultural features in this locality. As usual, on January 12 to 14, people in Kinh Bac hold Lim festival in Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province to welcome spring. The origin of this festival is transmitted from each other from the singing of Truong Chi in the legend of Truong Chi – Mi Nuong, but the traces left behind is the present Tieu Tuong River.

Temple Festival Ba Chua Kho

Procession in Lim festival13/1 lunar calendar is the main festival. The opening of the festival is the procession at 8:00 am with a large group of people participating in colorful, traditionally oriented costumes. Besides the ceremony, the festival part is also one of the most characteristic parts of Lim festival in particular and the festivals in Bac Ninh in general. The instant brothers and sisters will perform lyrical folk songs on the dragon boat. The special thing is that people who come to the festival are usually beautiful men and women with the desire to make friends and find chúng tôi image of the girls walking in the festivities

According to the legend, Mrs. Chua Kho is a woman who is both beautiful, skillful and talented. She has been instrumental in clearing land, building a community and sacrificing her life to protect the country. During years of fierce warfare, Ms. Chua Kho was in charge of storing food and tending over national treasure during and after our army’s victory over the Song army on Nhu Nguyet river led by Ly Thuong Kiet.

Many tourists flock here to ask for Ba Chua Kho’s fortune

The festival is held on January 14 of the lunar calendar every year to commemorate her death anniversary and her great merit in the cause of territorial integrity and independence and freedom for the nation. Every New Year comes in the spring, tourists from all over the world gather eagerly in Co Me area, Vu Ninh ward, Bac Ninh city. From the past until now, people often have a saying “loan at the beginning of the year, at the end of the year to pay”. It is true that, besides the purpose of praying for peace, many pilgrims come here to “borrow money”, hoping for a new year with abundant capital and prosperous business.

Temple Do Festival

Crowds of people celebrate the first ceremony of the year

Do Temple is located in Dinh Bang village, ancient French incense, now in Tu Son commune, Bac Ninh province. Dinh Do festival is one of the festivals in Bac Ninh that has gone into the history of the nation. This is the seat of the Ly Dynasty – the dynasty that gave birth to Dai Viet. In particular, during the years of fierce resistance, Dinh Bang was one of the places where the Party leaders such as Hoang Van Thu, Truong Chinh, Hoang Quoc Viet,… were active. 

Temple Do Festival in Tu Son, Bac Ninh Today, Temple Do festival is organized neatly for three days, March 14, 15 and 16. In particular, the main day of the association is March 15. According to the people legend, that was also the old days when Ly Thai To was crowned, a good day, Ngo himself attained spirituality, he made a sacrifice to heaven and gave the reign as Thuan Thien, hoping for Thien Thien to be warm and prosperous. jar. Moreover, Ly Thai To is also the creator of the famous work “Chieu moving the capital” and circulated in the Compulsory Literature chúng tôi procession of Hoang Thai Hau

Part of the ceremony is the “Tuc Yet” rite or in other words, the procession of the procession of Ly Thanh Mau Minh Duc Empress Dowager Pham Thi, who was born to Ly Thai To. If the ceremony is full of belief and spirituality, the festival will be entertainment activities, close to daily culture such as wrestling, cooking competition, playing cockfighting, … and indispensable. Typical Quan Ho singing repertoire.

Strawberry pagoda festival 

The Dau Pagoda Festival is considered to be the largest festival compared to other festivals in Bac Ninh , famous for its folklore that has entered people’s hearts: “Wherever anyone goes – Whenever you see the temple of Dau About – No matter who trades hundreds of jobs – April August, we will return to the Bridegroom ”. The festival is held on April 8 of the lunar calendar, which is the birthday of Buddha Shakyamuni. People from all over the country flocked to celebrate the Dau pagoda. This festival has become a typical cultural beauty to meet the needs of cultural and spiritual life, as well as to encourage and encourage the solidarity of people in building a cultural life in the community. population, while preserving, preserving and promoting the cultural heritage values ​​of the community.

Buddhist Temple Festival

Dragon dance in the festival of Dau pagoda

Phat Tich Pagoda is located on Lan Kha mountain, in the area of ​​Phat Tich commune, Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province. This temple is famous for its giant stone Buddha statue, the largest in Vietnam, also known as the Great Buddha statue, recognized by the State as a national historic site in 2012. Over hundreds Yearly, the pagoda still retains the ancient architectural features from the Ly Dynasty as well as long-standing historical relics such as stone summoned beast, stone stele, tower garden.

Incense offering ceremony at Dau pagoda

Visitors to the festival on the 3rd to the 5th of the new year will learn about the unique historical sites and have the opportunity to attend the unique Peony Spectacular. Like other festivals in Bac Ninh, the festival also includes exchange programs and art performances held in the Square space.

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Discover The Most Famous Tourist Destinations In Bac Lieu

As a coastal province in the Mekong Delta, Bac Lieu is located on the Ca Mau peninsula at the southernmost tip of our country. Coming to Bac Lieu, visitors will be immersed in the romantic natural landscape, unique dishes and special traditional cultures. In this article, let’s check-in the most attractive tourist destinations in Bac Lieu!

Nha Mat – Bac Lieu tourist site

This Bac Lieu tourist site belongs to Nha Mat hamlet, Nha Mat ward, Bac Lieu town. Currently, it is being built with an area of ​​98.5 hectares. In the near future, this place will become a marine eco-tourism area combined with pilgrimage festival tourism with a system of restaurants, hotels and diverse entertainment and entertainment areas.

Location: Nha Mat Ward, Bac Lieu City

Quan De Temple

Nha Mat is a tourist destination in Bac Lieu that many people love.

The Chinese in Bac Lieu consider Quan De Pagoda as a cultural symbol of their people. The pagoda was built in 1835, by the owner of Chau Quai salt bowl to campaign for contributions. Inside the temple, there are still quite a few large panels. Some are carved by Chinese artisans from 1865 to 1897. In addition, Quan De pagoda also has a valuable letter.

Location: located along Bac Lieu river, in Vinh Trach commune, city. Bac Lieu.

Phuoc Duc Co Temple

Quan De Pagoda is like a cultural symbol of the Vietnamese people.

This is the oldest temple of the Chinese living in Bac Lieu, it was built by a group of Chinese around 1810, the main altar is to worship Ong Bon – A god is considered to have openly reclaimed land and supporting everyone to have a chance to establish a career to have a peaceful life. Coming to this Bac Lieu tourist destination , you will see firsthand the special architecture of the ancient Chinese structure.

Location: Phuoc Duc relic ancient temple is located at 74 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 3, Bac Lieu Town.

Ngoc Lien Vihara

Phuoc Duc Co Mieu has a unique architecture of ancient Chinese people.

During its 50-year presence, the monastery underwent two renovations in 1973 and 2002, with its traditional octagonal architecture. The main hall was expanded but still had a serene appearance, amidst the tranquil leisurely scene, the flower beds, carefully cared grass beds, the humble leafy wooden ambulances nestled under the ruins. tree, creating a harmonious space imbued with meditation

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Bac Lieu Bird Park

Tourist site Ngoc Lien Vihara is many people love.

Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Bac Lieu of the Mekong Delta. Bird sanctuaries always create surprising surprises for visitors to visit. Just entering the bird sanctuary, visitors can immediately see the bustling scene of a natural bird sanctuary.

Siamese Temple

Natural bird sanctuary with a variety of birds.

Although not the oldest temple, it can be said that Siam Can Temple is one of the largest, most beautiful and splendid Khmer temples in the Khmer system in the South. For that reason, it always creates an unforgettable impression in the hearts of visitors every time they visit.

Ancient longan garden

Siamese Pagoda is one of the largest Khmer temples listed in the list.

About 6km from the center of Bac Lieu town to the south, Bac Lieu longan garden is lush green longan greens stretching over 10km through Hiep Thanh and Vinh Trach Dong communes with an area of ​​up to 230ha.

The nature generously endowed Bac Lieu with fertile coastal mounds, which became a good land for the two varieties of authentic Su-bic and Tu-huu from China to take root and last for a hundred years, with trees Large canopy, difficult to penetrate the sunlight to the base of the label, creating ideal places to rest and eat.

Location: The ancient longan garden is located in Hiep Thanh and Vinh Trach Dong communes, Bac Lieu city

Dasher’s house in Bac Lieu

The ancient longan garden in Bac Lieu has a large tree canopy, shady.

Bac Lieu land – a rich tourist destination in Bac Lieu, produces proud and self-sufficient Bac Lieu people. It is here that the human anecdotes about “Prince of Bac Lieu-Tran Trinh Huy” have been formed. In the past, when referring to Bac Lieu land, people immediately thought of “Prince of Bac Lieu” with fields of storks flying straight.

Today, when coming to this land, we not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also see firsthand the house of “Prince Bac Lieu” a beautiful and quite luxurious house.

Location: The House of Duchess Bac Lieu is located at No. 3, Dien Bien Phu Street, Ward 3, City. Bac Lieu

Phuoc Buu Pagoda and Vinh Hung Ancient Tower

Dasher Bac Lieu’s house at Dien Bien Phu street, Bac Lieu province.

In front of the pagoda, there is Vinh Hung ancient tower. According to the Vietnamese Non-Water Book, Vinh Hung Tower is the only ancient architectural relic of the Southern Khmer preserved in the Mekong Delta. Archaeologists have discovered many artifacts in the tower area, especially the Sanskrit inscription inscribing the month of Karhila in 814, corresponding to the year 892 AD and the name of King Yacovan-Man, the ninth century.

Location: Vinh Hung ancient tower belongs to Trung Hung 1 hamlet, Vinh Hung commune, Vinh Loi district, Bac Lieu. To visit Vinh Hung ancient temple, tourists move along Highway 1 A, direction Bac Lieu to Ca Mau.

Vinh Hung Tower is the only ancient architectural relic of the Khmer in the South.

Above are the entertainment places in Bac Lieu that you can visit when traveling to the West . In addition to the wonderful beautiful landscapes, visitors visiting this place can also enjoy new and unique dishes bearing the cuisine of the Southwestern region. Wish you have enjoyable trips with friends and relatives!

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Từ khoá: Discover the most famous tourist destinations in Bac Lieu

What’s Delicious In Ben Thanh Market? Many Delicious Dishes Are Waiting For You To Discover

Although Saigon is home to many famous and luxurious restaurants and eateries, … but for some reason, Ben Thanh food market still keeps strangely holding diners. often. Perhaps, without being too professional like 5-star restaurants, nor needing to spend too much money for an expensive meal, diners who visit the markets always enjoy simple dishes. , the price is gentle and comfortable, carefree laughing, talking.

The famous market located right in the center of District 1, Ben Thanh market is always rated as an extremely attractive destination for many tourists when coming here.

The richness and variety in each dish, plus the extremely affordable prices have made this food market always in a state of busy people coming in and out, including locals and diners. come visit. Let’s immediately discover the famous dishes in this wet market to help those who always twist their brains in the question “What should I eat now?” Please!

1. Bun rieu burden

The shop is located at the East gate of Ben Thanh market and this is also a restaurant known as “luxurious vermicelli” in Saigon. The broth here has a mild sour flavor, which is a combination of stewed bones, sautéed tomatoes and tamarind juice, creating a bowl of vermicelli with a very typical Southern flavor. The topping served in the bowl of vermicelli noodles is crab cakes, pork blood, fried beans, crab sauce, spring rolls, … extremely full and full!

Photo: @pebap_lovely

Price: 55,000 VND/bowl

2. Ms. Mai’s rice noodles

This is not only a familiar restaurant of Saigon people, but also a stop for many tourists when visiting Ben Thanh market to visit. Toppings to go with this dish include lean meat, shrimp, scallops shaped from strabismus and pureed shrimp meat. When eating, gooseberries are dipped with soy sauce. The broth has a sweet taste, creating a very characteristic flavor that is difficult to confuse.

Photo: @numb2192

Price: 70,000 VND – 80,000 VND/bowl

3. Noodles sprout

A very famous long-standing noodle shop in Saigon. The broth is clear, rich in flavor and sweet in the stewed meat. The sprouts here are scored very highly because each sprout is round, big and white. When eating, everyone can feel the sweetness of the meat and the familiar crunchy, lumpy texture. In addition, in each bowl of vermicelli, there are also fish cakes, silk rolls, cinnamon rolls to accompany them.

Photo: @menzo.bkk

Price: 50,000 VND – 60,000 VND/bowl

4. Hue beo cake

The stall selling banh beo in Hue is located at door 7 of Ben Thanh market. This is an address that you should definitely visit when you come here. The part of the fish sauce is seasoned by the owner to taste very well, and it is very suitable for the taste of many people, especially the people of Saigon. Besides the famous delicious banh beo, the shop also serves banh nam, filter cake and many other dishes.

Photo: @david_dimples

Price: 20,000 VND/disc

5. Sticky rice 7 colors

The shop sells all kinds of sticky rice with 7 different colors, always fragrant and hot at the corner of Ben Thanh market, towards Le Thanh Ton street. If you want to fill your stomach, you should enjoy a little bit of each type of sticky rice like sticky rice with charcoal, sticky rice with gac, sticky rice with peanuts, sticky rice with pandan leaves,… But if you just want to have a light meal, you can try tapioca, coconut milk, and nuggets. clean,… ok.

Photo: @na_5ri

Price: 20,000 VND – 30,000 VND/box

6. Baby tea

The shop is located at door 7 of Ben Thanh market. Here serve mainly Southern tea dishes such as corn tea, tapioca tea, bean soup, etc. Each dish has a different and difficult taste. In addition to tea dishes, you can also enjoy other pastries such as flan cake, steamed banana cake, …

Photo: @yuffy55hcm

Price: ~30,000 VND

In addition, you can also enjoy many other dishes in the food court of Ben Thanh market such as bun bung, rice paper, snails, broken rice, wrapped rolls,… Prepare yourself a real belly. An empty wallet and a full wallet to experience food together at this famous market in Saigon!

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Từ khoá: What’s delicious in Ben Thanh market? Many delicious dishes are waiting for you to discover

How Is The Noodle Shop In Hanoi That Was Introduced By Chef Anthony Bourdain On Cnn Tv Now?

Coming to Hanoi, in addition to eating special dishes such as vermicelli, bun cha, beef noodle soup, etc., vermicelli is one of the indispensable dishes in the journey to discover Hanoi cuisine. Referring to snail vermicelli, many people probably still remember Luong Ngoc Quyen snail vermicelli, even though it is just a burden of sidewalk snails, this snail noodle shop has been introduced to the public by the famous American television channel (CNN) to the public all over world. world in 2023.

The story of the sidewalk noodle shop in the heart of the old town, where many people in the capital still do not know the name, was praised by the world television channel CNN, making so many people come to enjoy it that the restaurant had to move inside the alley. . So now, is this snail noodle shop still as crowded as before?

Having appeared on a famous American TV channel, what is it like to carry vermicelli noodles on Hanoi’s Old Quarter now?

Noodles in the old town were once “promoted” on international television 

Luong Ngoc Quyen snail vermicelli, also known as Co Giang snail vermicelli, is located in the heart of the old town. The shop is impressive because it’s not a spacious shop, only a large load of snails and a few chairs to sit and work as a table, bringing a traditional rustic space to Vietnam. After the first episode of the series “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” aired on American television, the snail noodle shop on Luong Ngoc Quyen street attracted many more customers, becoming one of the famous snail noodle shops in Thua Hanoi capital.

Photo: CNTraveller

The snail noodle dish at Ms. Giang’s restaurant, which is constantly praised by the famous chef in the program on CNN, is not the famous snail noodle dish but the hot snail noodle with a very Hanoi sidewalk scene. To briefly introduce Hanoi snail noodle soup, Anthony Bourdain was delighted to describe:  “Spicy taste, excellent broth with tomatoes, spices, fresh vermicelli, snails, really delicious. Let’s take a look at this delicious snail.”

Chef Anthony Bourdain “nods” while enjoying a Hanoi snail noodle dish. (Photo: CNTraveller)

At that time, Ms. Giang’s snail vermicelli was just a small burden sitting on the sidewalk. After appearing on a famous food show on CNN, the restaurant is always crowded, making it difficult for the owner to arrange cars and seats at times. There are times when customers come to gather in front of the goods, so Ms. Giang has to arrange tables and chairs for diners to enter the alley right behind to sit, not sit on the sidewalk as before, many people think that is lost. the poetic taste when enjoying Hanoi snail noodle soup.

Is the snail noodle soup still as “hot” as before? 

Find the old vermicelli burden, now no longer located at that familiar Luong Ngoc Quyen location. Currently, Ms. Giang’s snail vermicelli has been moved back to 29 Ta Hien. Still a burden of vermicelli, but now it is more spacious with plastic tables and chairs with both indoor and outdoor seating. The shop is no longer as crowded as it was when it emerged, it is easy to see that the customers are often crowded during peak hours and mornings, sometimes less crowded.

Having existed for more than 18 years, the small vermicelli burden nestled on the sidewalk causes nostalgia for those who love this dish. In addition to the first-time guests, there were many patrons and guests nearby who came to support. Every day, Ms. Giang cooks a large pot of broth and sells it from 7:30 a.m. until the stock runs out between 14 and 15 p.m. Everything is still quite simple, with a hot pot of broth, a crock pot, a small bamboo shell to scoop up snail juice or vinegar, Ms. Giang is busy taking vermicelli and then eating snails.

The taste of snail vermicelli here is in the form of Hanoi’s traditional snail vermicelli, the bowls of vermicelli noodles simply have tangled vermicelli, snails, tomatoes, scallions, and a pot of broth with all the flavors of sour, spicy, and sweet. . Sip a bowl of hot snail vermicelli in the cold weather every morning, feel the rustic flavor in the heart of the old town.

In addition to the hot snail noodle dish that was praised all the time, the cold snail noodle dish at Ms. Giang’s restaurant received many controversies. Still the image of snails, crockery jars, bamboo shells in the traditional style of Hanoi. Porcelain bowls contain a few large snails, mixed with amber broth to eat with vermicelli, but Ms. Giang’s cold snail vermicelli also includes snail rolls and pork loin.

Many people believe that this destroys the exclusive flavor of vermicelli noodles, making the bowl of vermicelli become fishy and quite messy, losing the unique quality of Hanoi cold snail vermicelli. Many diners feel that this is the unique point of the restaurant, snail vermicelli with pork loin has a bit of crunchy texture, strange but very reasonable.

Each person has a unique feeling, people who can eat it love it, and if they can’t eat it, they criticize it and have to eat it to feel its simple deliciousness. Bun snail is still a familiar and rustic dish of Ha Thanh people, bringing an unmistakable taste.

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Từ khoá: How is the noodle shop in Hanoi that was introduced by chef Anthony Bourdain on CNN TV now?

Could Have, Should Have, Would Have Past Participle

Lẽ ra tôi đã có thể thức khuya, nhưng tôi quyết định đi ngủ sớm.

Lẽ ra họ đã có thể thắng cuộc đua này, nhưng họ đã không cố gắng đúng mức.

Julie could have bought the book, but she borrowed it from the library instead.

He could have studied harder, but he was too lazy and that’s why he failed the exam.

Lẽ ra anh ta đã có thể học hành chăm chỉ hơn, nhưng anh ta quá lười và đó là lý do anh ta rớt kỳ thi.

Lẽ ra anh chỉ việc gọi điện thoại cho tôi là được rồi.

You might have been killed.

Lẽ ra anh có thể đã bị giết.

Cố thêm chút nữa là chúng ta đã có thể thắng trận này rồi.

Couldn’t have + past participle = một việc gì đó đã không thể xảy ra trong quá khứ, cho dù bạn đã muốn thực hiện nó.

Tôi đã không thể đến sớm hơn được. Bị kẹt xe kinh khủng. (Tôi đã không thể đến sớm hơn được.)

He couldn’t have passed the exam, even if he had studied harder. It’s a really, really difficult exam.

2: Could have + past participle = might have + past participle = khi chúng ta muốn suy đoán một sự việc đã xảy ra trong quá khứ. Trong trường hợp này, chúng ta không biết sự việc chúng ta đang nói là đúng hay sai. Chúng ta chỉ phát biểu một sự việc có thể đã xảy ra theo ý kiến cá nhân.

Why is John late?

He could have got stuck in traffic.

Có lẽ anh ta bị kẹt xe.

Có lẽ hôm nay anh ấy quên chúng ta có cuộc họp.

He could have overslept.

He might have got stuck in traffic.

Có lẽ anh ấy bị kẹt xe.

Có lẽ hôm nay anh ấy quên chúng ta có cuộc họp.

He might have overslept.

II. Should have + past participle

1: Should have + past participle = một sự việc gì đó lẽ ra là một ý tưởng hay, nhưng bạn đã không thực hiện nó. Giống như bạn cho ai lời khuyên về quá khứ, hoặc luyến tiếc về việc mà bạn đã làm hoặc đã không làm khi bạn nói về mình.

I should have studied harder! (= I didn’t study very hard and so I failed the exam. I’m sorry about this now.)

Lẽ ra tôi nên học chăm chỉ hơn! (Tôi đã không học chăm chỉ và vì vậy tôi đã rớt kỳ thi. Bây giờ tôi tiếc quá.)

Lẽ ra tôi nên đi ngủ sớm. (Tôi đã không đi ngủ sớm, bây giờ tôi mệt mỏi quá.)

I shouldn’t have eaten so much cake! (= I did eat a lot of cake and now I don’t feel good.)

You should have called me when you arrived (= you didn’t call me and I was worried. I wish that you had called me).

Lẽ ra anh nên gọi điện thoại cho tôi khi anh đến. (Anh đã không gọi điện thoại cho tôi làm tôi lo lắng quá. Phải chi anh gọi cho tôi nhỉ.)

Lẽ ra John nên đi sớm, thì đã không bị trễ máy bay. (Nhưng anh ta đã không đi sớm, cho nên đã bị trễ máy bay.)

2: should have + past participle = nói về một sự việc mà chúng ta nghĩ, nếu mọi thứ ổn và bình thường thì đã xảy ra rồi. Nhưng chúng ta không chắc là mọi thứ đều ổn, do đó chúng ta dùng “should have” và không dùng hiện tại hoàn thành hoặc quá khứ đơn. Thường được dùng với “by now”.

Lẽ ra giờ này Sonia đã về nhà rồi. Anh nghĩ con bé không sao chứ?

His plane should have arrived by now (= if everything is fine, the plane has arrived).

John should have finished work by now (= if everything is normal, John has finished work).

Lẽ ra giờ này John đã hoàn tất công việc rồi. (Nếu mọi việc bình thường thì John đã làm xong công việc rồi.)

Lucy should have arrived by now, but she hasn’t.

Lẽ ra giờ này Lucy đã đến rồi, nhưng cô ấy chưa đến.

1: Part of the third conditional. = một phần của câu điều kiện 3 = một sự việc sẽ xảy ra trong quá khứ nếu điều kiện được thỏa.

If I had had enough money, I would have bought a car (but I didn’t have enough money, so I didn’t buy a car).

2: Vì “would/will” được dùng để chỉ ý muốn làm hoặc không muốn làm gì đó, cho nên chúng ta cũng có thể dùng “would have + past participle” để nói đến một sự việc mà chúng ta đã muốn làm nhưng đã không làm. Cấu trúc này giống với câu điều kiện 3, nhưng chúng ta không cần mệnh đề điều kiện “if”.

I would have gone to the party, but I was really busy.

(= I wanted to go to the party, but I didn’t because I was busy. If I hadn’t been so busy, I would have gone to the party.) (Tôi đã muốn đi dự tiệc, nhưng không được vì bận quá. Nếu tôi không bận, thì tôi đã đến bữa tiệc rồi).

I would have called you, but I didn’t know your number.

(= I wanted to call you but I didn’t know your number, so I didn’t call you.)

(Tôi đã muốn gọi điện thoại cho anh nhưng tôi không biết số, do đó tôi đã không gọi.)

Không có ai tình nguyện giúp chúng tôi làm hội chợ này.

B: I would have helped you. I didn’t know you needed help.

(= If I had known that you needed help, I would have helped you.)

(Nếu tôi biết các anh cần giúp đỡ, thì tôi đã giúp rồi.)

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Kim Cattrall’s Hamptons Home for De-Stressing From the City

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Kelly Ripa Admits to ‘Heckling’ Mark Consuelos Before His ‘Live’ Debut (Exclusive)

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Jeremy Renner Snowplow Accident: Watch Body-Cam Footage From the Scene (Raw Video)

Ariana Madix Cozies Up to New Man at Coachella Following Tom Sandoval Cheating Scandal

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Kim Cattrall mourns her mother with photo series: ‘Rest in peace Mum’

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‘Bill & Ted’s Alex Winter Reacts to Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant’s Relationship (Exclusive)

Billy Gardell Opens Up About Delaying Gastric Bypass Surgery Twice (Exclusive)

‘Ghosted’: Why Ana de Armas Loved Watching Chris Evans ‘Trip and Stumble’ (Exclusive)

Get Ready With Abby Ryder Fortson for the ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’ Premiere!

‘Schmigadoon!’: Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key Sing an Elaborate Musical Number (Exclusive)

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Prince Harry Says It Was ‘Terrifying’ Having Brother William ‘Scream and Shout’ Amid His Royal Exit

Royal Expert Says Prince William Feels ‘Betrayed’ by Harry, ‘Reconciliation Not in the Cards’

Prince Harry Claims Prince William Physically Attacked Him in Upcoming Memoir, Report Says

Prince Harry ‘Spare’ Bombshells: William and Kate Encouraged Him to Wear Nazi Costume (Report)

Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Revelations: William and Kate Watched Meghan Markle on ‘Suits’ and More

Prince William ‘Furious’ With Harry Over Tell-All Memoir’s Claims (Source)

Prince Harry Details William’s Alleged Physical Attack and Why He Didn’t Fight Back

Prince Harry Reveals How He Found Out William Was Getting Married to Kate in New Memoir

Prince William and Kate Middleton Show United Front Days After Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ Release

Meghan Markle Sued by Half-Sister Samantha for Defamation

Meghan Markle’s Team Reacts to Reports She’s Suing Over ‘South Park’ Parody (Source)

Chris Rock Pokes Fun at Meghan Markle’s Lack of Knowledge of Royal Family in Netflix Special

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Received Invitation to King Charles’ Coronation

Sarah Ferguson Spills the Tea on the Monarchy and Her Ideal Perfect Date (Exclusive)

What Gwyneth Paltrow Said to Terry Sanderson After Ski Trial Victory

Why King Charles Didn’t See Prince Harry During His Son’s Trip to London

Royal Family Still Feels ‘Lack of Trust’ With Prince Harry Before King Charles’ Coronation (Source)

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‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’: Michael Cera on ‘Scary’ Stunts Behind the Scenes (Flashback)

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‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ Trailer No. 2

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’: Behind the Scenes With Chris Pratt and Cast (Exclusive)

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Michael Jordan Explains His Passion for Air Jordan and Having Final Sign Off on Shoes (Flashback)

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‘The Little Mermaid’: Behind the Scenes With Halle Bailey, Melissa McCarthy and More!

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Tara Reid Praises ‘Best Friend’ Rachael Leigh Cook and Reacts to ‘Josie’ Reboot Rumors (Exclusive)

Sonequa Martin-Green on Michael’s Future After ‘Star Trek: Discovery’s Final Season (Exclusive)

MAR 10, 2023

‘Abbott Elementary’s Sheryl Lee Ralph and Tyler James Williams React to SAG Awards Win (Exclusive)

FEB 26, 2023

Sheryl Lee Ralph on Twinning With Rihanna During Super Bowl Performance (Exclusive)

FEB 13, 2023

Super Bowl LVII: Babyface Reflects on ‘America the Beautiful’ Performance (Exclusive)

FEB 12, 2023

Babyface on Taking Super Bowl and ‘America the Beautiful’ Performance ‘Very Seriously’ (Exclusive)

FEB 8, 2023

GRAMMYs: Questlove Says Will Smith Dropped Out of Hip Hop 50 Tribute Last Minute (Exclusive)

FEB 5, 2023

‘Golden Globes’: Janelle James on Sitting Near Brad Pitt and ‘Abbott Elementary’s Win (Exclusive)

JAN 10, 2023

Angela Bassett Used to Send Handwritten Cards to Promote Early Acting Gigs (Exclusive)

JAN 6, 2023

Remembering Whitney Houston: Inside Her Rise to Fame

DEC 16, 2023

Angela Bassett on Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Black Panther’ Cameo and Her Possible Oscar Nom (Exclusive)

NOV 21, 2023

‘Black Panther’: Danai Gurira on Okoye’s MCU Future With Midnight Angels (Exclusive)

NOV 21, 2023

‘Black Panther’s Winston Duke Shares Message About Grief Following His Mother’s Death (Exclusive)

NOV 1, 2023

‘Black Panther’: Mabel Cadena and Alex Livinalli on ‘Wakanda Forever’s Latinx Influence (Exclusive)

OCT 31, 2023

Michaela Coel on How ‘Black Panther 2’ Explores Grief Following Chadwick Boseman’s Death (Exclusive)

OCT 27, 2023

Ryan Coogler on Honoring Chadwick Boseman in ‘Wakanda Forever’ and Rihanna’s New Single (Exclusive)

OCT 26, 2023

JAY-Z and Beyoncé Help Blue Ivy Carter Bid $100K in Live Auction!

OCT 23, 2023

Karen Huger Sounds Off on Charrisse’s ‘RHOP’ Return and Challenges to her ‘Grande Dame’ Title

OCT 6, 2023

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 5: O-T Fagbenle on Luke and June’s Hunt for Hannah (Exclusive)

OCT 5, 2023

Emmys 2023: Kerry Washington Puts Issa Rae ‘on Blast’ Looking for a Yacht Invite (Exclusive)

SEP 12, 2023

Anthony Mackie on ‘Captain America: New World Order’ and His MCU Future (Exclusive)

SEP 11, 2023

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