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Xu Hướng 10/2023 # 4 Risks To Prepare Mentally To Not Be Disillusioned When Traveling # Top 14 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết 4 Risks To Prepare Mentally To Not Be Disillusioned When Traveling được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 10 năm 2023 trên website Yvju.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Although the purpose of each trip is often different, it can be to experience the customs, learn about the lives of the local people, take beautiful photos, admire the majestic natural scenery, live virtual or just simply travel. When going on vacation, every visitor should also pocket the following 4 things to note so as not to be surprised when traveling

1. Food poisoning

Tasting delicious local specialties is delicious, strange is strange, but along with that, you will face an allergic reaction if it is not suitable. It is difficult to refuse if in front of you is an attractive and eye-catching tray of food, however, even for the most “kind” people, it is difficult to avoid the possibility of being chased by Cao Cao. A plate of fresh raw fish salad or 1001 dishes from insects can cause diners to have an itchy rash; or worse will have to take medicine or go to the hospital to wash the intestines because of food poisoning

A lot of delicious dishes, but if you are a “weak” person, take the initiative to ask the owner before going on the plate.

Tip: For those who can’t eat a certain dish, ask the restaurant carefully for the ingredients of the strange dishes, then order, and taste it bit by bit to see how your body reacts before eating it. flying plate of food.

2. The scene is not as imagined

One of the things that can disappoint visitors is that the destination they have been waiting for and anxiously waiting for for a long time is not as sparkling as in the photo. Most people decide to travel somewhere because of the photos taken by the people who have gone before, plus the rich imagination that has drawn and envisioned the destination so beautiful; It is this that causes them to get frustrated quickly if that is not the case.

When you think this angle is beautiful, there is a long line of people who think like you.

A beach with trash or turbidity on a stormy day will be the polar opposite of the romantic blue sea – white sand – golden sunshine in a dream. Or simply a beautiful photo angle, not only you know, but also billions of people out there are just waiting for that right angle to take pictures; At that time, the crowd or tired waiting for your turn is inevitable

Tip: Look at multiple reviews of a place to see both the beauty and the not-so-beautiful. Also, prepare some cool activities to pass the time while you wait, such as playing a game with your companion or simply starting a conversation with new friends, which is also quite interesting.

3. Allergies

Preparation is very thorough from costumes to places to visit, but visitors certainly can hardly anticipate last-minute surprises, and allergies are one of them. Some people are allergic to all seafood, while others are only affected by a few specific types; Some people also have allergies when the weather changes or when touching animals and plants that cause allergies such as insect stings, jellyfish bites or pollen from certain trees in the forest.

Allergies can make travel less fun.

Tip: Always carry insect repellent and allergy medication in your luggage. These small but powerful pills will be a lifesaver for your skin

4. Completely trust google map

In the age of modern technology and phone waves have almost covered everywhere, it is not difficult to pin a place on google map. However, the route following the map is sometimes not the most accurate route. Machines are still just machines and the data on the network is contributed by users, so errors are inevitable.

Everyone expected it to be a paved road, but this is the truth

There have been funny cases when the road map to the destination will have to go through a lake, cross the road through the forest or more gently, a muddy road, while you think it is a paved road. smooth

Due to frequent guests entering the wrong address, the owner had to hang a notice board with a map next to it.

Tip: With far and new points, you should research carefully through many sources and prepare enough car repair tools as well as backup chargers, drinking water and some snacks in case you get lost. In addition, you should also write down the help phone number to call in case of an emergency.

The above 4 things are just a few cases that can happen during the trip, but life is inherently full of surprises. So, before each trip, you should be mentally prepared to always be happy and fully enjoy all the experiences and interesting things that can happen.

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Từ khoá: 4 risks to prepare mentally to not be disillusioned when traveling

Hoi An Ancient House – An Ideal Destination For Tourists Not To Be Missed

In Hoi An, there are houses that are hundreds of years old. Therefore, when you come here, you will learn more about the ancient beauty of this old town. Every corner of Hoi An is a place for you to explore and check in. Therefore, traveling to Hoi An will help you have the opportunity to learn a lot of the beauty of this land.

Here, filled with the streets are pictures of old houses with wooden designs, usually one-story or three-story houses with long tube-shaped houses. This is really what makes visitors feel impressed. With the typical climate of this place, these houses are always durable. Here are some ancient Hoi An houses for you to explore.

Hoi An Ancient House of Tan Ky is a favorite destination for many tourists.

This is one of the ancient houses honored as a National Heritage site that needs to be preserved and preserved. With the age of over 200 years old, Tan Ky old house is the oldest old house in Hoi An.

Tan Ky always attracts tourists by its unique and attractive architecture.

Then you will find that this place contains a lot of ancient cultural beauty of his father. Especially, the architectural beauty from the ancient times up to now, still cannot explain why the old people were able to create such beautiful and delicate works of art?

Tan Ky’s ancient house is always a favorite destination for many domestic and international tourists. Its ancient beauty has made Hoi An ancient town become more and more crowded and crowded. The number of tourists coming here is more and more crowded. In particular, the old house of Tan Ky is full of tourists every day. So this is the ideal tourist destination Hoi An for you to experience and explore. 

This place brings a peaceful life with the most simple things.

Tan Ky ancient house was the residence of 7 Le family. From the 2nd generation, this old house was named Tan Ky to facilitate business and trade. This Hoi An ancient house has a very favorable location. On the one hand, it is adjacent to Bach Dang street, so it is very convenient for importing and exporting goods. The front side is on Nguyen Thai Hoc street. This place is used to open a shop because the location is very suitable for business.

Tan Ky is always a destination that brings a lot of interesting things for you.

This house is made of wood as the main material. Besides, additional bricks originated from Bat Trang and other rocks are also used. Thanks to these materials, the space of Tan Ky ancient house is always cool and comfortable in summer and winter is extremely warm.

This old house to this day still retains many mementos from the past, such as a monumental sentence with bold old cultural beauty of his father.

This place has a very simple beauty and the living space is always very close.

The next Hoi An ancient house that you definitely have to arrange time to visit is the old Quan Thang house. This is an ancient house that is considered the most beautiful in Hoi An. This house is more than 150 years old, second only to Tan Ky’s old house.

Currently, Quan Thang always retains the original status quo with a very unique architecture. The interior is beautifully decorated. Coming here to explore, you will partly learn more about the lives of generations who have been here before.

This place was built in the ancient architecture so it is very beautiful and close.

The interior space of this ancient Hoi An house is the living room design and on one side is the place of ancestor worship. Here also preserves many valuable mementos such as worshiping objects, diaphragm, sentences …

Phung Hung Old House is a place to keep many different architectural styles.

Phung Hung is an old house located on Minh Khai Street in Hoi An city. This place was built over 100 years ago. Therefore, to this day, the ancient house of Phung Hung is considered as an invaluable heritage of Hoi An.

With a very unique construction structure and a wooden upper deck, the architectural style of this old house has bold Asian beauty. The name Hung Thinh stems from the first owner of this house following the business of trading. He wished that this house would always bring prosperity to his family, so he named it Phung Hung.

If the doors and balconies were made by the ancient Chinese, the roof has a bold architectural style of the ancient Japanese. The space before, during and after the house was built according to the culture of the Vietnamese people.

Hopefully, if you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Hoi An, come and visit and explore the famous Hoi An ancient houses above. Because these are places that keep a lot of cultural and artistic values ​​of the ancient Vietnamese.

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Từ khoá: Hoi An Ancient House – an ideal destination for tourists not to be missed

How Far I’d Be Willing To Drive, And Why

And a World Record for Longest UBER ride.

But that got me to thinking. How far would I be willing to go in a single ride? I’ve heard of unicorn fairs in which the total for time and distance is $100 or more. But they are so rare. Most people want shorter distances. So do most drivers. In most cases, you’d have to deadhead it back. (Have no return passenger, so making no money.)

When I was talking to Lyft’s help center about something else, I brought the subject up. I found out that Lyft has built in limits on how much a passenger can be charged, how much a driver can receive, and how far outside of a driver’s territory one can go. As of this posting, the limit for passengers charged is $400; the limit for a driver to receive is $300, and the limit on distance is 100 miles. But there seems to be some confusion on territory here in Oregon. Lyft customer service has explained that you cannot pick up passengers outside your territory (mine is Portland). Other Lyft Reps say that if your territory is Salem, that’s the only territory you can drive-in but if it’s Portland you can drive in all of Oregon except Salem. I go to Salem sometimes, and on my way back I usually turn the app on to check this. Last Thanksgiving, I snagged someone in Keizer. So, you Can get someone outside of your territory.

At first, while talking with passengers about the Uber article, I joke that I’d be willing to go to Vegas. But after some careful thought, I realized, I’ve made that drive before. I go to Reno a couple times a year with my mother-in-law. That’s 9 to 10 hours, just driving; not including stops for at least gas. It’s another eight hours just driving from Reno to Vegas. I’m fairly wiped out from the drive to Reno. So, to Reno, maybe Southlake Tahoe is as far as I could conceivably go when I’m fresh.

Will the Lyft app shut down 100 miles outside of Portland territory (Goshen, just south of Eugene)? Or 100 miles outside of Oregon (Hayden Hill California, about 50 miles north of Susanville California)? And after Lyft shuts down you either drop them off or make your own deal for the rest of the journey. (Make sure they’ve got cash or card handy.) I’ve got PayPal. Maybe half the remaining amount to get there; the other half when we get there.

I started doing up prices based on the Portland rate card. Places along the coast; Pendleton, Bend, Ashland, this great BBQ place I know in Eugene. Coos Bay and Ashland got pretty steep. But closer Portland seemed reasonable. Even with a 20% tip. But I took it one step further if it were a transaction between two people, I could take off the 23% that Lyft would take anyway, and it makes it that much more attractive.

Maybe I don’t want to drive across the country. But given some good conversation, or my head phones and my audio book, I’d be willing to make a full day of it.

~And remember, you can always catch a Lyft home. Stay Safe out there!


How To Measure Coffee: Coffee To Water Ratio Calculator

If you’re like me and you like an indestructible scoop with a lot of features, then you might enjoy adding this brewer’s measuring tool to your arsenal. It holds an average of 16.4 grams of light-roasted coffee in our testing, which normalizes to 10.1 grams of dark-roast coffee, or right around 2 tablespoons!

This makes sense for a brewer that’s popularly used to brew medium and light-roasted coffee, typically with recipes ranging from 13 to 17 grams.

1-Cup Pourover Scoop

I picked up this metal scoop from a Korean coffee supplier, thinking its durability would serve me well. But it gets very little coffee in it, so I don’t use it often.

Despite its heft, this 1-cup scoop averaged 12.1 grams of a light roast in our testing — perfect for a 1:15 ratio on a full-immersion brewer! For dark roasts, this means around 8 grams of coffee or 1.6 tablespoons.

Wilfa Svart Auto Drip Scoop

I decided to include this comically-large scoop to see how much coffee it could weigh out. 19.8 grams of a light roast! This is pretty close to Wilfa’s recommended 17g of coffee per 250ml liter. This equates to about 13g of a dark roast or 2.6 tablespoons.

2-cup Pourover Scoop

This came included with my CAFEC 02 dripper, but you’ll find similar scoops included with Hario V60s.

It seems that they don’t make scoops larger than these, so sub-20 grams is as good as it gets! This is very close to the 1:16:67 ratio of my coffee shop’s recipe of 20 grams of coffee and 333 grams of water (for a 10oz cup).

Similar to the Wilfa, you get 13g if you scoop up a dark roast, which is also equal to 2.6 tablespoons.

Dinner Spoon

If all you have available to you is cutlery, then you might consider going for the largest option available. Our spoon scooped up 11g of light-roast coffee, which is equal to 7.3g of a dark roast, or 1.4 tablespoons.

Standard Tablespoon

While a scoop size may vary from one brand to the next, a standard tablespoon measuring scoop should be the same across the board.

Not Sure What Your Scoop Is?

We’ve offered you a bit more precision if your scoop is close to the ones I tested above. But if you’re still not sure? Just stick to the generally-accepted conversion of two tablespoons per scoop.

Just for fun, I averaged out the values of our six scoops and ended up with 2.05 tablespoons. So it’s a pretty solid guesstimate!

Anyway, here’s a handy guide:

What Scoop Are You Using?Equivalent Tablespoons1-cup pour over scoop1.62-cup pour over scoop2.6Aeropress Scoop2.1Large Dinner Spoon1.4Not Sure2

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Golden Ratio of Coffee?

The Golden Ratio, also called Golden Cup Standard, is defined by the National Coffee Association and the Specialty Coffee Association as two tablespoons (or 10 grams) of ground coffee for every six fluid ounces (or 180ml) of brewing water.

This is based on the Coffee Brewing Control Chart, which specifies a balanced cup of coffee having a ratio of 55 grams of coffee per liter of brewing water, or simply 55g/L. Simplified even further, we get 1:18.

While useful for maximizing the extraction of flavors, such as the goal in a coffee cupping or tasting, intensity is often lacking.

Do Coffee Pots Measure Cups or Ounces?

Most American coffeemakers will use either, but each cup marking on the brewer or server will default to 5 fluid ounces. If you happen to have a Japanese pot, you will see a much smaller conversion of 4 fluid ounces per cup.

How Can I Dose Coffee Without a Scale?

The best and most accurate way to measure coffee is with a scale. But in the absence of that, use a tablespoon or similar volumetric measurement tool, and use our calculator for a recipe you can decipher!

How Can I Dose Coffee Without a Scoop?

If you have one, you can use a large dinner spoon, which is roughly equivalent to 1.4 tbsp. You can also approximately split up your coffee bag if brewing bigger servings. For instance, use a quarter of a typical 8oz bag (which is 2 dry ounces) to make 5 cups of a regular-strength auto-drip.

Brewing Cheat Sheets

Still confused? Scales, spoons, and scoops can be utterly confusing, and I don’t blame you.

Here’s a cheat sheet for frequent coffee serving sizes, featuring common measurement units.

Note the differences in coffee to water ratio of drip/percolation versus full-immersion methods.

How Many Scoops For One Cup of Coffee?

How Many Scoops For 2 Cups of coffee?

How Many Scoops For 4 Cups of coffee?

How Many Scoops For 5 Cups of Coffee?

How many Scoops For 8 Cups of coffee?

How many scoops for 10 Cups of coffee?

how many scoops for 12 Cups of coffee?

To Sum It All Up

It’s important to remember that these recipes should merely function as a guide and that you should always let your taste be the arbiter.

For consistent brews, there’s nothing quite like a scale. But in the absence of one, knowledge of volumetric conversions can be a lifesaver.

Go To Dong Thap To Explore Xeo Quyt Tourist Area

tourist area

Located about 30km from the center of Cao Lanh city, Xeo Quyt tourist area starts from the left of Nga Cai canal, which is more than 5km long from the southwest to the northeast, making the boundary between the two communes of My Long and My Hiep of the district. Cao Lanh, Dong Thap province. With an area of ​​over 50ha, Xeo Quyt Dong Thap tourist area is an attractive eco-tourist destination in the West with typical Melaleuca forest ecosystem.

The typical ecosystem in Xeo Quyt tourist area is melaleuca forest

Why is it called Xeo Quyt?  The name Xeo Quyt originates from the area where a lot of tangerines were planted in the past, “Xeo” means a small creek and “Tangerines” means tangerines in the garden. is the name of the first person who publicly explored the area, so it was initially called Xeo ong tangerine, later called “Xeo Quyt” for short.

This place used to be a revolutionary base in the anti-American period. Photo: NemTVToday it is a tourist attraction in Dong Thap

Opening hours: 7:30 – 18:00 daily.

Entrance fee: 5,000 VND / person

Rowing ticket price: 15,000 VND / person

Phone number Xeo Quyt tourist area: 0673.910.297

Means and how to move to Xeo Quyt tourist area

Only VND 5,000 / person to enter this beautiful and peaceful relic

To get to Xeo Quyt tourist area , you can use car or motorcycle, or even go by water. Travel time from Saigon is about 4 hours, if you go from the center of Cao Lanh city, it only takes nearly 40 minutes for a 30km distance.

Road: After moving to the center of Cao Lanh – Dong Thap city (Nguyen Hue street), you move to the West on Highway 30, go straight about 25km to the intersection (where the national highway intersects 30 and 650). Here, you turn left and go straight to Road 650 about 4km to reach Xeo Quyt relic tourist area. To be sure of the way you should use google map or ask for directions on the way to here.

– Waterway: Tourists pass through An Huu junction, Cai Be district (Tien Giang), then go to Long Hiep bridge. Next, take the boat to Xeo Quyt.

>> Refer to the Western tour series 2023

Review Xeo Quyt: Where to visit? What experience?

You can choose by road or waterway to check-in at Xeo Quyt

Xeo Quyt relic is conserving 170 plant species, including 158 wild species and 12 tree species. The fauna is also very rich with 200 wild species, including 13 species of rare animals recorded in the Vietnamese Red Book such as mold python, buffalo cobra, box turtle, broad-beaked lemongrass and common otters …

What do Xeo Quyt tourism eat?

Diverse natural landscape, rich flora and fauna, many rare species Besides, the highlight of this tourist spot is 20ha of melaleuca forest next to the mangrove tree system, vines … Come here, visitors not only admire the beautiful natural scenery covered by cool green but also have the opportunity to learn more about the combat life of the army and people of Dong Thap through ancient revolutionary chúng tôi through small creeks You have 2 options to explore Xeo Quyt tourist area , walk along a unique 1.5km road or experience sitting in a small canoe weaving through small creeks through a dense green cajuput forest. Once protected hundreds of Dong Thap cadres and soldiers who were active in the revolution until the victory day. Glowing amidst the untouched canopy of trees, the images of fortifications in the shape A, the X, the letter L … restored on the old vestiges will remind you of how life was in war. Boat ride time is about 30 minutes. In addition, you also discover about the secret base area, the shack, the kitchen, the meeting room, the bomb craters …You can also choose to walk the unique path through the forest Sitting in the peaceful scenery of Xeo Quyt, letting your soul listen to wild birds, the sound of streams ringing … or let go of a fishing rod in a hut in the middle of a lotus pond, remove fishing on the river or learn to knit everyday items such as shelves, baskets Made from dried water hyacinths are interesting experiences that visitors cannot find anywhere else.A rare peaceful scene If you are lucky enough to visit Xeo Quyt historic site during the flooding season, you will definitely “fall in love” with the natural scenery here, and of course Xeo Quyt becomes the ideal destination for those who love to hunt for art. technique.There are seasons here so beautiful

After having an interesting experience, do not forget to enjoy the rustic cuisine of the West. The cuisine of Xeo Quyt tourist area is  very rich with famous dishes such as: Fish and sour soup, grilled hamster, grilled snakehead fish, grilled frog, braised perch, and sour cooked copper eel; especially the grilled and steamed snail dishes … While sipping local products, the sweet and deep melodies of amateurs and melodies resound like a lullaby.

Some notes when exploring Xeo Quyt tourist area

Grilled snakehead fish specialties of the West

– The best time to go to Xeo Quyt is in the flooding season, around September to November of the calendar year.

– Apply insect repellants when paddling in dense areas. In addition, you also need to bring coats, masks, hats, sunscreen … if you go in the dry season or rain gear, shoes … if you go in the rainy season.

– Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing.

– If you combine visiting Gao Giong eco- tourism area, Tram Chim tourist area , Sa Dec ornamental flower village, Kien An Cung pagoda or Huynh Thuy Le ancient house, your journey will become more interesting.

– On the way back to Saigon, you can stop by the road and shop for specialties in the West such as coconut candy, Lai Vung spring rolls, fruit… to make gifts.

With the review of Xeo Quyt tourist area above, we hope that visitors will have information to have a convenient trip and will have a memorable experience at this eco-tourism and historic site in Dong Thap province. ./.

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Từ khoá: Go to Dong Thap to explore Xeo Quyt tourist area

How Many Days Is The Best Time To Travel To Con Dao?

How many days to travel to Con Dao is a question that many people are interested in, because this beautiful island has a lot of interesting things to explore. With the information shared below, it will help you easily plan your upcoming trip to Con Dao with the most interesting experiences.

How many days should Con Dao travel?

How many days should Con Dao travel? Con Dao has many places to explore such as historical sites, spiritual places, national parks, sea and islands… Therefore, the ideal time to explore Con Dao is 2-3 days. Very few tourists go to Con Dao for 1 day, because the means of transportation here is quite time consuming. In some cases when tourists have a comfortable time, they can go to Con Dao about 4 or 5 days.

Depending on your needs and time budget, you can choose for yourself the most suitable Con Dao travel schedule. Here is a suggested itinerary for Con Dao 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights tour that you can refer to:

Con Dao tour 2 days 1 night Day 1: Saigon – Con Dao

Morning : Depart from Tan Son Nhat airport to Con Dao. Then take the bus back to the hotel to check in and rest.

Noon : Lunch at the restaurant.

Afternoon : Start the journey to visit Con Dao with 2 options as follows:

– Palace of the island lord: is the working place of the island lord, currently preserving artifacts, antiquities and documents from the French period.

Visit the Lord’s Palace, which keeps many artifacts from the French period. Photo: sgtiepthi

– Phu Son and Phu Hai prison camps: Where prisoners and revolutionary soldiers are kept.

– French-style tiger cage, American-style tiger cage, isolated area of ​​Cow Cage.

– Visit Hang Duong Cemetery : It is the burial place of revolutionary soldiers and patriots of the nation. The cemetery is also the burial place of Vo Thi Sau, the national hero.

Visit Hang Duong cemetery when coming to Con Dao. Photo: taucaotoc

– Lady Phi Yen’s Temple: Also known as An Son Temple, it worships Phi Yen, the wife of Lord Nguyen Anh.

– Nui Mot Pagoda (Van Son Tu): Has a unique architecture located on the top of the mountain with a beautiful view of An Hai Lake.

Day 2: Con Dao – Saigon

Check-in virtual living at Nui Mot pagoda. Photo: @tt.ngocthao

Morning : Breakfast at the hotel. Then go shopping for specialties or go to the beach, relax at the hotel.

Noon : Check out hotel, move to Con Dao airport to depart for Saigon. End of Con Dao tour 2 days 1 night from Saigon .

Con Dao 3 days 2 nights tour

Swim in the sea in Con Dao and admire the sunrise. Photo: @nhung.ntc_

What are the most ideal days to travel to Con Dao ? Besides the 2 days 1 night schedule, Con Dao 3 days 2 nights tour is chosen by many tourists today. With this itinerary, visitors will discover the most famous destinations in Con Dao.

Day 1: Hanoi – Con Dao

4h: Move from Noi Bai or Cat Bi airport to Con Son. After 2 hours, move to Con Dao and move to the hotel to check in.

7:00: Depart to visit places in the Nam Dao area of ​​Con Dao such as:

– Con Dao pearl culture facility: Learn about the pearl culture process and buy pearls as gifts.

– Shark Cape: Let’s admire the beautiful scenery at Hon Trac, Hon Tai and take pictures of virtual life.

Shark Cape is a tourist attraction in Con Dao. Photo: @gucci318

– Bai Nhat: Beautiful beach in Con Dao, with clear blue water and poetic scenery.

12:30: Lunch at the restaurant

– Visit Nam Co Temple: It is the place to worship 5 goddesses who bless and protect the people in the village.

– The last route: Exploring this beautiful island, visitors will be able to visit Hon Tre Lon, Hon Troc and check-in beautiful pictures as a souvenir.

– Ben Dam Port: Surrounded by beautiful islands and mountain ranges like mountainous regions.

Ben Dam Port is a beautiful place to take pictures in Con Dao. Photo: elitetour

18h: Move back to the hotel.

19h: Go to the market to buy goods to visit Hang Duong cemetery.

9pm: Visit Hang Duong cemetery, where nearly 2,000 graves of fallen soldiers are buried.

Day 2: Discover the beauty of Con Dao – Visit Co Sau’s grave

Visit the sacred Vo Thi Sau grave. Photo: bestprice

Morning : Breakfast at the hotel

7:30 am: Visiting famous historical sites in Con Dao such as:

– Con Dao Palace: Learn about the artifacts displayed in the palace and listen to explanations about Con Dao past – present.

– Phu Hai Camp: A prison for prisoners built by the French, including a solitary confinement area, a rice mill and a Con Lon stone dam.

Visit Phu Hai Camp in Con Dao. Photo: alongwalk

– American-style tiger cage: This is a small cell block built in 1971. This is a place to torture prisoners with extremely barbaric forms.

– The isolated area of ​​the Cowshed: Where the French raised cows during the resistance war against the French – American. This isolation ward was built to torture prisoners with cow dung.

– Temple of Lady Phi Yen: The place to worship the concubine of Lord Nguyen Anh.

– Visit Nui Mot Pagoda: It is the only sacred temple in Con Dao with a view overlooking the bay and a beautiful mountain back.

Noon : Lunch and rest at the hotel.

Afternoon : Visiting the North Island area:

– Temple of Prince Cai: This is the temple to worship the son of King Gia Long associated with the story of fleeing when the Tay Son army pursued.

– Dam Trau Beach: The pristine beautiful beach in Con Dao attracts tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery and live virtual life.

Beautiful and poetic scenery at Dam Trau beach in Con Dao. Photo: @_linlin

– Mysterious beach: It is a beautiful pristine beach like a picture, along with a beautiful mangrove ecosystem.

18h00: Back to the hotel to rest.

19h30: Have dinner at the restaurant.

21h: Get on the bus to visit Hang Duong cemetery and burn incense at the memorial at pier 914.

Day 3: Con Dao – Hanoi

Morning : Breakfast at the hotel.

Visiting places:

– Chim Chim Cape: A famous virtual living place in Con Dao.

– Cape Tau Be: Check-in paradise and also the most beautiful sunrise spot in Con

11h: Check out the hotel and move back to Hanoi.

Notes when traveling to Con Dao

Enjoy the beautiful view from Chim Chim cape. Photo: mia

When you know how many days you should go to Con Dao , you should also “pocket” the following notes when exploring this beautiful island:

– Should be fully prepared financially and equipment before going to Con Dao.

– Bring all necessary personal items (sunscreen, medicine …)

– Transportation to Con Dao visitors can go by plane or speedboat.

– The most ideal time to travel to Con Dao is from March to September, the weather is cool and fresh.

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you answer the question of how many days should you go to Con Dao and have the most interesting experiences when visiting this beautiful paradise-like island.

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)

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Từ khoá: How many days is the best time to travel to Con Dao?

Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về 4 Risks To Prepare Mentally To Not Be Disillusioned When Traveling trên website Yvju.edu.vn. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Chúc bạn một ngày tốt lành!